We're not sure who compiled the pages relating to the history of the Ailsa Tavern. Thanks to them and thanks to the sources listed in the acknowledgements below who provided the original author of these pages this information.



Websites visited:

St. Margarets Community Website -

North St. Margarets Residents Association -

St. Margarets Estate Residents Association -

Twickenham Museum -

3rd Osterley Sea Scouts -

 The Kilmorey Mausoleum -



Other Acknowledgements

· Railshead: The history of Gordon, Lacy and St Margarets Houses', Isleworth, Middlesex - Alan Charles Bell Urwin; Publisher:Hounslow and District History Society; 1st edition (1974)

· Kenneth M Lea - local historian and author of Twickenham Licensed Premises 18thto 20thCenturies. (Soon to be published)

· Howard Webb - for the postcard pictures

· Twickenham library

· London Metropolitan Archives


Visit the Kilmorey Mausoleum: Our friends opposite would love to see you and would welcome your support. Details of open days are updated on their website and flyers are available in the Ailsa in the week or so before each date.